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More than 100 years the Optische Werke G. Rodenstock is leading photo optic manufacturer. State-of-the-art design procedures, calculations and manufacturing processes guarantee that all Rodenstock photographic lenses meet the high quality expected of them for contrast, color fidelity and sharpness. Through the use of lens systems calculated by computer, Rodenstock guarantee the careful correction of all imaging errors. Manufacturing the blanks for the lenses themselves, with glass cooling processes lasting up to several weeks, makes it possible for Rodenstock to maintain the refractive index up to the fifth place after the decimal. State-of-the-art grinding and polishing procedures ensure high dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Extensive heat treatment reduces scattered light and reflections to a minimum. High precision centering and assembly procedures, in connection with the best materials and precise manufacturing of the parts, ensure correct lens orientation and mechanical solidity.

The Rodenstock name guarantees lens quality which the photographer and printer can always rely on and which allows both to expect the best possible photographic results.

Official Rodenstock web-site: www.rodenstockoptics.de

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